How to display file Creation Date


Sorry if this is a stupid question - I often remove large video files off my iPhone, and where I store them is folder list based on Month/Year using the creation date.

I can't seem to find the creation date as a parameter in the Dopus lister options, as compared to explorer, have a look at the screenshot comparison, can you help me to understand what I'm doing wrong ?

Just add a column:


The keyword created can also be used for renaming.

Keep in mind that this is not the QuickTime MediaCreateDate tag.

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Thanks, I tried that but its not an in the menu display in this case

I think MTP doesn't support creation date.

OK so whats the solution ? As I showed MS explorer shows the creation date by default

You could try adding the column before navigating to the Apple folder or move the files off the phone before renaming/sorting them.


This is the approach I have found useful to this problem.

I look at the photos on the phone in Thumbnails mode. I can easily get the created date of any picture from the Info Tip, though I cannot view the photos in Archive mode and add a creation date, only a field called create relative appears as an option to add to the Lister columns - at least on my set up.

Next I use windows 10 to import the pictures to a folder of my choice. I can view them in Opus and, of course they behave exactly as any other folder and I can add a Date Created column, or any other column for that matter.

Hope the info might prove useful.

Thanks both for the advice, I'm usually just copying the very large ones off the phone and filing them in year/month folders in my storage area, your ideas both work but add some steps to my workflow vs just doing it in explorer where I can see the creation date already

I did buy Dopus as a replacement for explorer - so I'm surprised it lacks this equivalent feature to display the creation date.

Is there a way to request a feature or notify a bug so it gets fixed in later versions ?


I agree it does add extra unnecessary work.

Here is an extremely simple button that runs a tiny VBA that tells you the creation date of a picture on a phone displayed in an Opus Lister.

You could expand it considerably so that when you ran it against a picture in automatically moved it to the right directory.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you do not edit your pictures on your phone, the Date Modified will in fact be the date created.

But I guess he real question is why Explorer can add a Date Created column, but Opus will not allow it?

Phone Date Created.dcf (810 Bytes)

I think the last time we looked, no phone we tested supported Created dates so we assumed MTP devices didn't in general.

Doing some research today, MTP functionality with different phone models is all over the place, including which timestamps they can get and set. (And whether setting them really works, or just pretends to work and cache the new time before throwing away the change when the device is dismounted and returning the old time next time it is mounted!)

So it might be something we can add, now we're aware that some phones support it. (I'm not the expert on the MTP code in Opus, though, so there may be something I'm not aware of.)

Thanks both for your input, and Auden for the button, I'll give it a try

Sometimes I've noticed the modified date is different even if I feel I've done nothing to the file, I think IOS refactors the memory occasionally and adds in a "modified date", just because its in a different position in the archive/filesystem

It seems pretty consistent in IOS in my experience (the creation date appearance and consistency) - but I noticed that if I copy and delete the image off the phone using explorer/Dopus then the phone has problems - so I copy first, then navigate to the item in the photos app and delete it there.

Leo - I'm using latest IOS version an Iphone 6+ with WIn 10 64 bit

We'll enable the creation date columns in the next update; whether they actually work or not will depend on the device, but you'll at least be able to turn them on.

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Just revisiting this one - doing some further filing I see that some images have a metadata field called "Date Taken" (also "Date Digitized") - which is what I use to file the photo in the appropriate year/month folder structure I used, is it possible to add this to the "Date/Time" column list ?

Do you mean when viewing the files on the iPhone, or after you've copied them to your PC?

Date Digitized is a real IPTC throwback. Back in the days of Scitex colour systems and Hasselblad Picture Desks, when pictures were still taken on film stock, the field was used to indicate the date when a picture was scanned to a digital format. It was quite possible to have to have a Date Digitized date years after the Date Crated date. Even in those ancient low-tech days, I don't recall it being used a lot.

Now of course with pictures taken on digital cameras, the Date Digitized must be the same as Date Taken. As far as I can see, Date Digitized does not even appear in the Latest Photoshop File Info.

After I've copied them to the PC, though its inconsistent, maybe depending on the App used to take to photo or the IOS version or something else.

The column exists already. It's under Picture Metadata.

Doh, thanks