How to display filename as in Windows Explorer?

I have a directory containing hard links. The hard link directories are supposed to have a Date and Time name "YYYY-MM-DDTHH-MM. If I open it in Windows Explorer then the information is as shown in the first image. In DO I see the information in the second image.

Is there an equivalent in DO to the Filename column of Windows Explorer for my particular situation?

EDIT: I discovered that if I open any one of the Directories, then the "missing" information is shown in the "path" of the File Display toolbar above. See the example below (2020-02-05 etc.). This is what I would like to see displayed in a column.

Are you sure those are hard links? Nonetheless you could try the column target.

They're supposed to be hard links. Anyway their icon is not the same as for ordinary Windows folders. I tried the Target column, but unfortunately it was blank.

Do you actually want hundreds of folders all called Documents under your Documents folder, or is that something that happened by accident which you're trying to deal with?

If them all having the name Documents is unwanted, you can fix it by deleting the hidden Desktop.ini file within each of the folders. That is what is changing their displayed names to something other than the folders' real names.

Do that and the names you want will all be displayed in the main Name column without the need for a second Filename column that would usually display redundant information.

(You can also turn off Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Display localized folder names to tell Opus to ignore the names specified in Desktop.ini files, but that will affect other folders as well.)

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Oddly, I don't see any Desktop.ini files in any folder on my PC.

They'll be hidden. Use the Show Everything command in the drop-down Folder menu to see them.

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Thank you Leo and Jon. Instant fix!

I had to go to Manage Folder Formats, then to Global filters and I unchecked the show hidden files box. Then I did a Search for Desktop.ini and deleted all instances. Now the folders are displayed properly.