How to do a 'Print Folder' on selected files?

I'd like to ctrl-select files and then do a kind of 'print folder action' to have the name-size-date-path details of the files in clipboard,
so I can use that for other purposes, like e-mail.

Is there an easy way to do this ?


Use the print folder command. You can automate this via a button. Or if you only want name/path use the clipboard command.


Try this from a Button:

Print FOLDER=selected TO=clip Quiet

To have the Folder Path printed too add "Header=top" so it becomes:Print FOLDER=selected TO=clip Quiet HEADER=top

magnificant, this is exactly what I wanted!
thanks a lot indeed!


I have been trying many ways to get this done, but regretfully I donot get the right results.

I want to have a print of:

foldername - size - date/time - path

no files, just the foldernames and size, same as what I get doing a 'get sizes'.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you!

Firstly, you should upgrade to Opus v9.5.4.0 - as this release has fixed an issue with using FILTERS with the Print FOLDER command...

Secondly, download the attached zip file, and save the contents (two folders, with a file in each folder) to your /dopusdata directory. One file is a FILTER definition called folders, and the other file is a FORMAT definition, again called folders.

Lastly, adjust your button to run the command: Print FOLDER=selected TO=clip Quiet FILTER=folders FORMAT=folders HEADER=top

There might be a way to do it with JUST the format, and not filter... but I'm racing for a train and know that THIS method works. Adjust the format as necessary...


Steje, thanks for your feedback and .zip files! Do appreciate it.
Regretfully I have not been able to get what I actually want.

a) I copied the extracted files into the respective folders (expected the folder under the folder where I installed DO, but under in fact it was
under C:\Users\Myname\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Filters)

b) created a context menu item with above text (printer folder etc)

I got mixed results though.
Maybe, what I am asking for, isn't possible at all...

As said, the idea is:

  • you are in a subfolder
  • in the right window panel you select -say- 4 subfolders (out of nn)
  • then you wish to have the foldernames, size, date, path (as defined in print folder setup) of the selected folders only printed to clipboard.

whatever i try, i donot get the folder sizes printed.


Sorry, in my haste to get my post submitted I certainly made some goofs, where I thought I had it working.

Real sorry about that... I just tried some changes and have it working better, but as soon as you use the FORMAT arg in the Print FOLDER command there seems to be a bug... it starts processing SUB-FOLDER stuff as well, while the same command without the FORMAT arg does not. There are some cases where the FOLDER=selected arg also seems to not be working properly where only the selected "folders" are printed, but the remaining "files" in the current dir are also printed.

I think there is a round of bug reports to be filed here...

So... after another look - again, apologies... I could have sworn my first suggestion ACTUALLY worked. It doesn't, and what's more... the "" format definition file I sent you is totally bogus. What I had intended to send you was a folder format definition that would make the Print FOLDER output save the 'name, size, date, and location' info you wanted to appear in the folder report. I called mine "folders" just like I did for the FILTER definition file... but Opus doesn't save favorite folder format definitions into a .off file named after the format name (like it does for filters, into a .ofi file named after the filter name). Instead, the definitions for 'all' favorite folder formats get saved into a single '' file - which if I were to send you would blow away any favorite folder formats you've already got defined. Oh well... I wonder if GPSoft would consider changing that so we can easily share format definitions like we can filter files...

Anyhow - more to the point... If you define your OWN folder format to show the particular columns you want displayed in the output, you should then be able to run the following command to get what you want:

Print FOLDER=selected TO=clip CALCSIZES=yes FLATVIEW=no FORMAT=<your_folder_format_name> QUIET

...replace the <your_folder_format_name> string with whatever you call your favorite folder format defined to show the fields you want.

NOTE: a QUIET Print FOLDER command seems to default to FLATVIEW mode being enabled by default, so you have to turn it off with the FLATVIEW=no arg to prevent files and/or folders located beneath the folders you've selected from being included in the output.

Hello Steje,

One way or the other I did not get notified by the site, reason for the delay. Noticed that is happening more than once. Usually I do get notified, but sometimes I don't.
Emails donot land in my spambox though. So I just checked to see if there was a follow up.

Anyway, many many thanks for your work!
It works splendidly indeed! You truely made me happy with this one. :smiley: :smiley:

The workaround I used sofar was to print the whole stuff to clipboard / paste into and a kind of commandline editor (TSE Pro) and delete all the crap that I don't need...

Maybe, maybe, one time in future, this will be included in DO, but until that time you helped me a lot.

thanks again Steje!

Glad you find it useful... though, as I've seen in the past when working on other buttons and customizations with you, I'm a little puzzled by your comment:

Opus gives you these commands so you can personalize it to do the things you want it to do... What else would need to be "included" in DO? You've already gotten what you wanted as a result of this thread, and it didn't require anything "outside" of Opus functions...

There are a thousand different buttons that one might create with internal Opus functions alone, and it's just not feasible for Opus to include a button for every possible thing someone 'might' want to do. Thats what the manual is for, to help you understand how to use the commands and functions - with the forum providing support for those who aren't sure how to get exactly what they want.

In general, I'd suggest that once you get Opus configured a certain way that makes you happy, use the Backup & Restore feature to 'save' your settings in case you ever mess up or experiment too much with Opus and need to restore it back to your preferred settings... Speaking of which, I should apologize for the possibility of messing up any specific FOLDER format settings you might have defined. The "" file in the zip file I attached was empty, and would have overwritten any folder specific formatting you would have set up (if any). If you HAD set up any folder specific formatting - you should restore that file from an Opus settings backup... I've deleted the zip file attachment from the earlier post - it turned out to be unnecessary anyway for what you wanted to do.

NOTE: you asked about setting the output to CSV in a private message... you SHOULD be able to that using the AS=csv argument - but it appears not to be working. I'll see if I can submit a report on it later...

You are right about personalizing DO and maybe I reacted a bit 'too enthousiastic' :wink: When this solution is working so well, I was just thinking it should be not be limited to a kind of 'tailor made' solution, but adding a few 'options' the the print menu window wud be nice, so it would be available for others as well. But again, you are right. Forget it.

Don't worrly about the etc. I always rename original files before replacing them. So I deleted yours and renamed mine back again.

After each successful change I definitely run a backup of the configuration. that's for sure.

The Excel output thing:thanks a lot!



by the way:

AS=tab isn't working either, regretfully.

Print FOLDER=selected TO=clip CALCSIZES=yes FLATVIEW=no AS=tab QUIET

will not get a tab seperated clipboard. :cry:

Thats right... didn't mean to imply it was just "CSV" that didn't work... it's the whole AS= argument that appears to be broken. Goto the support page and report it...

If you're printing to the clipboard then the output type has to be specified using the TO argument, e.g. TO=clip:tab or TO=clip:csv. The AS argument is only used when printing to a file.

Aha - it helps if we use the proper argument eh?