How to enable 'g' 'i' and 'm' flag in regexp DOpus Standard Command

In JavaScript we can use / /g flag for global or / /i for case insensitive and / /m for multiline flag. How to use this flag in a Directory Opus Button with DOpus Standard command?

g and i are the default. There are no line breaks in filenames, so m is never needed.

You mean we need not type them in a Dopus buttons Standard code?

No. Opus' Rename command and JScript's replace method use different flavors of regex. Consult the docs for details.

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can you give me the docs page links about this.
I read this page Regular Expression Syntax but can't find anything about global flag. there is a example with # This can repeated the operation multiple times. so is that the only way? or anything I missing?

The rename command is always global, I don't see an option to make it non-global. Using i is like not using MATCHCASE.

# is very different from g, as you can tell from your screenshot. If you can't, keep reading it until you can.

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