How to enlarge file/folder infotip size?

Hi everybody,

When you hover a file/folder in DOpus, an infotip pops up underneath the file/folder name. However it may be too narrow to display the complete file/folder name, which may be important info to read.

Any way to enlarge the size of the infotip?

Many thanks in advance.


It will grow to fit its contents.

The list of files within folders is truncated by default, not by the infotip itself but by the codes that generate it. You can change that via Settings > File Types > All Folders > Info Tip and changing the {foldercontents} code there.

{foldercontents:maxitemlength=260} will limit the names of folder contents to 260 characters, for example.!Documents/Info_Tip.htm

Thanks, Leo.

However I'm not quite sure how to add {foldercontents:maxitemlength=260} code.

Moreover, I think it would be more helpful il filenames would be truncated from the last characters up to the first ones rather as the info of interest is often at the end of filenames.

Did you look in the window I mentioned? What to change should be obvious once you're looking at the current settings.

Is this the proper way of setting the max length? It does not seem to have any effect on size of infotip (as shown in the herebelow screenshot)?

2020-10-14 17-43-26 Screenshot

Moreover as mentioned in my previous post if truncation must occur I would prefer the long filename to be truncated from its last characters since this is the place where relevant info is (for instance, a version number).

Many thanks in advance for your help.

You should be editing All Folders, not All Files and Folders.

Got it. It works. Thanks a lot.