How to ensure data accuracy when copying data from Directory Opus? Is there a hash verification?

In some cases, if there is a problem with the disk where the copy is made, the copied image or other document will be corrupted and cannot be opened, how does Directory Opus ensure the accuracy of the copied data? Does it do hash verification?

Many existing threads in this already. For example:

I saw the description in the help file on the official website of Totalcommand and it clearly states that the cache mechanism is bypassed when verifying the files, at the same time I saw that the professionals concerned have tested that if the hard disk is corrupted copying can be verified to find the problem, can I integrate Totalcommand's copy command in opus? Or is fastcopy validation equally reliable?

There’s no way to bypass every cache, and hardware failure can happen after verification (especially with SSDs that rewrite data all the time).

Using SMART monitoring and periodic checks of the data is your best bet if you are worried about hardware failure. Verification immediately after copying is pointless.

I used the ContextMenu command with fastcopy instead of ctrl + v copy operation, which is simply great, no matter what, there is always better than no checksum, and according to my test, copy speed will be faster, of course fastcopy has always been the fastest, because I have been on the market well-known copy software specifically tested, using 20G + of fragmented files, fast not a little, the gap of ten minutes, the more files the more obvious the gap, which may have cache wit, but I tested many times with a different order, the same results, fastcopy really fast a lot.

But now I have a problem, I am using a custom button to define the function [New Button], I set the footer in the function like this: [ContextMenu LABEL="xxxxxxx" FILE {filepath$}], but this does not work for the selected folder below the Foleder Tree.
And if I set it to: ContextMenu LABEL="xxxxxxx" FILE {sourcepath$}, this is valid for the selected folder below the Foleder Tree, but for the right window, the path to the entire window, not the path to the currently selected folder.
Is there a program like {sourcepath$} || {filepath$}
or {sourcepath$ || filepath$}
I've tried this syntax and it's not working, it will select both paths at the same time