How to extract the zip file including a Japanese file name?

When the zip file including the file of a Japanese name is extracted, the extracting of the zip file doesn't succeed by becoming an error ([dialog]an error occurred copying 47or11) and generating only an empty folder. It succeeds when the involved file name is English.
Can the zip file including the file of a Japanese name able to be copied or how copy contents onto a target folder ?Please teach. :unamused:

I don't think the Zip library that Opus uses at the moment supports Unicode filenames. I'd recommend extracting the file with something else, although I'm not sure which other Zip tools do and don't support Unicode. (I heard that the recent WinZip update just added Unicode support, if that helps. 7-Zip probably does as well, although I have not tested it.)

I found this:

[quote]Some might have experienced problems with unzipping ZIP archives that contain file names with double-byte Chinese or Japanese characters.
I have not found any sites explaining how to preserve Chinese file names while uncompressing the files on a PC running Windows XP.

Here is a solution that I have found out by trial-and-error.

You need:

  • Microsoft AppLocale (download it from the Microsoft homepage)
  • An archiving software that uncompresses your ZIP-File (i.e. freeware 7-Zip)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (should work with Microsoft Windows 2000 too though)[/quote]

I don't know if this will work, but you could give it a try :wink:

I had a similar problem and I'm quite certain it's Windows problem, not Opus (the various conversions and copypasting between different languages is still stupidly buggy even under XP SP2 - I know because I work with people that have to deal with texts in both cn/jp and some other non-USA languages; don't know with Vista).

If I remember it correctly, I solved it by installing all the additional local supports (languages, additional keyboards etc) and never had problems with filenames after that, except some small niggles with pre-Opus file managers I was using (Total Commander was very bad with languages, was unable to delet files etc, I had to go to Explorer or Dos and delete it from there).

Thank you for replying.
After all, I gave up the decompression in the engine of DOpus .
I seems to be still impossible.
I decided to use An outside application program .

Then, I found linking useful ahead.

[WinRAR Compress/Decompress Buttons (and other))

according to this,I decided to arrange The button of an external application program
in the toolbar .
Everything went well. Thank you for teaching.