How to fast select a range of files?

For example in catalog I have 1600 files and I want select files from 1 to 1000. How to do this ?

Click first file with left mouse, hold down shift, scroll down to 1000th file and click left mouse again (or use cursor-down-key while holding shift). While holding down ctrl you can (de-)select single files with left click without deselecting all previously selected files.

BTW this is standard for all windows-apps. For more features also have a look at checkbox- and powermode of DO.

You also can use the SelectEx script addin: Command: SelectEx (extended Select command)

After the addin is ready to use, a call or a button using this would select the first 100 items.


Select the first 100 files.


I know about it and use this methode but I want something like this I give range 1-1000 and then Direct Opus select them automatically.

If you add the Index column you can use the Find-as-you-type field in Range mode (e.g. type #1-1000 to select the range from 1-1000).

Or just select the 600 and then reverse selection... :smiley:

While this is a very nice feature, this only works in detail mode. Any chance this can be used in other modes too, even if the column is not active / displayed? Before I switched to Opus I was using a competing product which was nowhere near as good but the range command could be used in all views and I loved that.