How to filter current view to just display subfolders

Hi Leo, hi everybody,

I was just wondering how to display only subfolders in the current view. I can display all text files by entering ".txt" in Search box, or all jpeg files by entering ".jpg" in Search box. But how can I specify just folders?

Many thanks in advance for any help.


Push * (Shift+8) to open the Filter Bar. (This is also a quicker way to filter on file names/extensions.)

On the left of the Filter Bar are some shown, then hidden, file and folder counts. Click the far left file icon and all files will be hidden.

If it's something you do a lot, you can do it quicker and avoid having to open the Filter Bar by creating a toolbar button or hotkey which runs this command:


That command will automatically work as a toggle, so pushing the same button/hotkey a second time will show the folders again.

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Thank you so much. It is exactly what I was in need of.