How to filter out searching inside directories that match a pattern? impossible?

If I specify a source directory like: D:\dev\dir\repos\project\ how do I then avoid searching sub-directories within that path like directories that begin with a dot

For example, I want to avoid searching inside directories in the path that has this as matching part of the path: /.venv-

I have tried setting up a filter (name does not match) using a regex: ./.venv-.

but it does not work. I have also tried a filter (Location does not match)

I have tried all of these:

and location no match regex => ./.venv-.
and contains no match regex => ./.venv-.
and filter match & no match filter | regex: match ./.venv-.

I believe I have this working.

The filter line looks like the following

And | Location | No Match (use regular expression) .*\\.venv.*

escaping the backward sloping diagonal backslash