How to find files of any type which are downloaded

Sometimes when I download updates for software on my computer the installers occasionally put the executable files in temp folders and I have no way of locating them. A case in point...I downloaded a new font for my computer recently and it ended up in the temp folder. I was able to fetch it out by opening the dialog box option "open with folder" selection choice.

My question is...suppose I simply want to find the most recent file downloaded without knowing its location? Is there a command button that I can make that forces DOpus to find the most recent file downloaded from the web and automatically highlights the file in the folder where it gets put in?

Do a search filtered by age.

There's no way in general for any program to tell whether a file was downloaded or not.

(IE sets a flag on downloaded files but virtually nothing else does, and since IE only saves the files you tell it to save to the locations you tell it to save to that isn't much use here.)

If you use Firefox try the Add-on "Download Statusbar". Everything you download appears in that statusbar. Right click, "Show containing folder" opens DOpus and selects the file you just downloaded :slight_smile: .