How to find which Folder Format is applied to a Lister

I have various saved Favorite formats for Documents, Images, Audio, Video etc. I also have Path Formats to apply to specific Paths. This combination ensures that for some specific predefined folders a specific Lister Display format is used.

I also have a My Default Format which applies to any other listers not part of Path Formats. (Saved using Save format for all folders (make this the default).

Apart from the above, I have a Default Lister which opens to My PC always.

Over a period, there are many folders which are commonly used and I do not remember whether they are part of Path Formats or not. As of now, if I need to see it using a particular format, I go to Folder options, Folder Formats and select the Saved Format from the right hand side to apply to the displayed folder for that point of time. As some of my Favorite Formats differ only slightly from the My Default Format it becomes difficult to identify just by looking at the lister display as to which Folder Format is being used for that particular Lister which is displayed.

Is there any easy way to hover somewhere on the screen or something else more simple which tells me just by looking at the Lister which particular Folder Format (Favorite Format or My Default Format or Directory Opus Default if that is the case in case I missed out on something in saving Folder Formats) is currently being used for the displayed Lister

"Finding where the current Folder Format come from" in Folder Formats: Detailed Guide

Or 14m35s in

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