How to fixed thumbnail size for a folder path formats

I want to fixed thumbnail size for a folder path formats. I select preferences >> Folders >> Folder formats >>> Path Formats >> >> Display >> view >> Thumbnails

But I want to fixed the thumbnails size in 384X384 when I go the path.

A couple of possible solutions here:

I read the post. but I think that's for flat view. I have no ability to edit the script for thumbnail view. it would be very kind for me if you edit the script for fixed the thumbnail size. So Leo please edit the script for me. Thanks.

The linked thread is about thumbnail size. You don't have to edit the script. Just click the config button on it and change the command to one like I provided.

I download the script and drag it in to script but some how all script status become disabled. how to change the status enable? I can't configure the script because it is disabled

You clicked the button that disables all scripts. It's the red, last, highlighted icon above the list of scripts. That's why they are all disabled. Click it again to enable them again.

I am trying

Hey Leo, I use this script, and it's work fine for me but there is a problem also.
D:\Scan is my target folder where I want to set thumbnail size 384x384. I configured the script with D:\Scan and Show THUMBNAILSIZE=source,384. when I open D:\Scan then it's display in thumbnail in 384 as I configured. But When I click the GO UP Button to go D:\ then it's also display in thumbnail in 384. what I don't want. for your kind information before I installed this script the location D:\ display in thumbnail mode in default thumbnail size what was natural. But after install the script the thumbnail size become 384x384 from default size when I come back from D:\Scan to D:\ Drive. how to solve this problem Leo?