How to 'Force' 2nd session of Opus be opened?

I have Opus open on a specific folder, dual display, image view etc.

Am using Everything to quickly find specific folders.
Also have a 2nd Opus running and want to have that one to open / explore files that open from Everything context menu ( "Explore Folder").

However, each time it uses the 1st session, with the dual display.

Is there a way to force the 2nd Opus be used?


You could do it using scripting but there's no simple way to make folders opened via other programs target a specific window instead of using either the window that was most recently active or a new window.

Okay, thanks. I more or less assumed this. Even though Opus is running 2x and I -first- select the last session (i.e. not the dual display one) and click on r-click explore path, still the 1st one is opened.
So, even when bringing the 2nd to front first, it will open the 1st one. That doesn't help.
Indeed, closing and re-launching the 2nd Opus session before doing the r-click explore folder, will work.
Thanks again.