How to force Power View in default lister?

I installed Directiry Opus on a new machine, and for fun I wanted to stick with latest default configuration, to see how well it works for me.

It works great so far, all I did was change the default lister to dual view and Power View.

Dual view sticks on restart, as expected, but Power View doesn’t. On every restart, Opus forgets I had Power View on and Details view is active instead.

I tried everything: save default lister, save default layout, but there seems to be no way to make Power View stick. Is this a bug?

If you only read one FAQ, make it this one:

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Thanks. How embarrassing. It works now. Although this did require a surprising amount of steps.

It's normally only really two steps: Change to power mode, save the format as the new default. The rest is just in case other settings have been modified and need changing back.

I understand. You are right I only had to change two things: the save for all folders and the remaining check marks in folder type preferences. The other things were turned off by default, but I still wanted to check them and make sure. I counted that as two extra steps :slight_smile: