How to get back Menu and Operations toolbars?

Toolbars "Menu" and "Operations" are no longer visible on start screen.
I am using Opus-Pro version 12.31 x64.
I've seen that there is a "Reset factory toolbars" but I can't find anywhere how to do that.
I'm quite disappointed.
Is there anyone who can help me?

Werkbalken "Menu Toolbar" en "Operations Toolbar" zijn niet meer zichtbaar op start-scherm.
Ik gebruik Opus-Pro versie 12.31 x64.
Ik heb gezien dat er een "Reset factory toolbars" is, maar ik kan nergens vinden hoe ik dat moet doen.
Ik ben redelijk onthand.
Is er iemand die mij kan helpen?

They should still be there in the Customize > Toolbars list.

  • Rechts-klik op de titel balk van Dopus
  • Kies "Customize" (zal wel "Aanpassen" heten in het Nederlands?) uit het context menu
  • Ga naar het Toolbars tabblad
    Activeer Menu en Operations
  • Klik OK
  • Klaar

  • Right-click Opus' title bar and select Customize
  • In the Toolbar tab, enable Menu and Operations
  • Click OK
  • Done!

Right-clic in title-bar, select customize, gives:

In the toolbar tab is NO option to enable/disable any toolbar.

Please post a screenshot of the Customize dialog, Toolbar tab, when the Menu toolbar is selected.

How can I insert a screencopy in my answer text?
I had a jpg, but did not know how I could place it

Drag it to the post editor.

Or copy & paste it into the post editor.

Or click the upload button at the top of the post editor.

Is this readable for You?

This is the result of copying an Word-document-screen, (CTRL-A, CTRL-C)
This is how Opus Titlebar looks

Right-clic in Opus Titlebar, select Customize/Toolbar

In here, there are NO Options in Toolbar-tab, to enable/disable any toolbar.
…. Tell me what to do

Upload is during half an hour waiting for action, but still no result. I cancelled Uploading.
Tell me what I can do.

I tried to follow your advice. Upload seems to work differently than expected. (small jpg file is waiting for more than half an hour for something that is not reported.
Read my "answer"/cry for help for what it's worth.

Problem with toolbars solved.
I compared the values in Opus on my machine, and the values on my wifes machine.
I saw what you ment, and I changed/choosed the toolbars I missed. Problem solved.
I stil wonder why your suggestions to upload files on my machine not works as it ought to work.
But that is, probably, for an other time.
Thanks for your help.