How to get back to my favorite Lister layout?

Hi everyone,

I can not figure out how I can get back easily to mx favorite layout that support my working style.

I defines a lister layout (dual vertical) with TABS on top of the listers with my favorite folders. I can get to this layout by selecting "Settings/Lister Layouts/MyLister". However this open up a new window with the desired arrangement. I'd much rather have in the current window the layout restored.

I also keep OD running all the time in the SysTray, thus when I open it it does not "start up" (I do not get my lister).

Can I configure such that whenever I open OD from the Tray it reverts to MyLister automatically (no new window). Or can I at leas have a button for that?

Thanks for any help,


If you haven't already you might look at the following recent thread

[url]Only 1 Instance of DOpus Open at a Time?]

You also might check the startup section of preferences, Opus has a number of ways you can open new listers.