How to get FILES showing at top (not folders)?

In Windows Explorer, sorting the detailed view after "modifed" will show the most recent files at the top of the list (not the folders as Opus does). How can I show this with Opus?

Often I want to see the latest file I've downloaded from internet in a folder I have for downloads. But that folder also contains a lot of folders. When I sort that list after date, the top of the list is occupied by the folders... but I want to see the latest FILE. As it's now, I have to scroll down past all the folders to find it.

Thanks, jon, that solved the problem.

However, I had great difficulty finding exactly WHERE to find that dialog box you were reffering to. I thought I might find it in prefs, but after searching there in vain, I checked out the pdf help file hoping for better luck. Annoyingly, although the issue was described, it did NOT tell me where to find the dialog box! So, going on and searching around on my own, I accidently found it under the "Tools" menu item.

For anyone out there who also might wonder about the same thing, the settings can be found under Tools > Folder options.

You'll see a version of the same dialog if you edit a folder format in Preferences, Folders, Folder Formats as well. (See the FAQ on folder formats for some more info.)