How to get my "lister view toolbar"back?

In DO 9 I used to have this handy toolbar which only needed one click to choose 'dual vertical pane' or 'explorer' etc. In DO 10 I have to click on a special button (third one from the right) to get to choose these options. That is one click extra. I really don't like that and I want my old toolbar back. I searched for hours everywhere in the settings and also here at the forum, but I can't find the solution. I tried to create a new toolbar, but the desired options are nowhere to be found in the commands menu.

Is it really impossible to get the old toolbar back?

You don't see your old toolbar listed in the toolbar list? Upgrading to 10 just disables your old custom toolbars and it just needs to be turned back on. Right-click an empty spot on any toolbar -> Toolbars. You should see your old toolbar there but unchecked.

Create a new toolbar with a single button with the command Prefs STYLELIST. The toolbar will look like this..

Regards, AB

Didn't notice the most recent FAQ? :slight_smile:

It's in there three times. :slight_smile: (Each one gives a slightly different result. If you want it like Opus 9, it's the tabs one that you want.)

@ Leo: The faq didn't apply to my situation; I just reinstalled Windows 7. Using the old DO 9 config backup caused different problems.
Your second suggestion works excellent though; I did see those commands before, but never recognized them as the ones I needed. So many options, one easily gets lost :slight_smile: :blush:
I love the new designed version, it's really beautiful!

Well, thanks again for all replies!