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How to get normal folder context menu appearing as part of Lister Context menu?

What combination / parameters etc do I use for a button to get the normal (/windows) Folder context menu to appear in the Lister Context menu?

My folder context menu:

Lister Context menu in the same folder:


Does this post help?

You can edit the Lister Context menu to see what's inside it. If you're after the special menu item which inserts things from the shell context menu, it's this one:

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Thanks leo, I've already been messing about with the Lister Context menu but couldn't get it working as I liked - However I just discovered I was missing the "CONTEXTFORCE" option, because I've hidden standard windows context menus in the preferences.

Anyway, I think my real question is how to easily get my customisations to the "Folder" file type menu to also appear in the "Lister Context" menu - or any way to show the actual context menu I've set up in the "Folder" file type to appear as the Lister Context menu?

If you want to add commands to both the Lister Context menu and the Folder filetype context menu, you would have to add the same commands to both menus.

Yeah that's what I'm doing at the moment - no problem, thanks :slight_smile: