How to get path of current file being previewed in viewer pane?

Hello again! o)

Is there a way to get the fullpath of the file currently being previewed in the viewer pane?
I was thinking I could use a hotkey which "slideshows" through image files inside a selected folder, to do this I would need to know which file is currently being shown.

I could save and manage that piece of information myself, but I was thinking it might be possible somehow already with native scripting/properties?

Thanks! o)

I think that info is only available for the standalone viewer at the moment, since the viewer pane doesn't have a scripting object/interface.

I've made a note to add a way to get it for viewer panes, probably via the Lister object.

var tab = DOpus.listers(0).activetab;

GetFocusItem will often be the same thing in the viewer pane, but not always. If it's something the viewer can't display, or the viewer has been locked to a specific file, it could be something different.

Selected/focused item is not necessarily what the viewer pane is showing (it can be made to show any file with a command and the viewer pane might be locked, previewing some file selected some hours ago).

Ok, thank you, I will try something in the meantime.

Can't wait to see progress. This is really helpful.