How to have Status Label and Color Label at the same time?

I love having an entire file/folder name in a specific color -
but would also love to be able to apply my custom icon as a Status label
that shows up preceding the name - is there a way to do this?

I do have all 3 options enabled at the bottom of the Prefs>Favs & Recent>Labels page.

Thank You

How are you applying the two labels currently? Are they set on the folders individually or by a wildcard?

[note - obviously my HYBRID above is a cut-paste]

Leo, I guess by individually?
I just click my drop-down, then make my selection:

Hmm, you can apply multiple labels to a single folder (or one via wildcard and one explicitly on the individual folder), but you'll still run into the problem that they're both trying to change the same icon.

Using status icons instead of changing the main icon would be easier. Or having the main label only change the text color and not the icon color, so a second label can modify the icon.

Thx Leo! After a little messing about, I got the right combo -
this time the screencap is Real,not copy-paste :slight_smile:

Ah yes, you can do that as well if you don't mind the check label also changing the color.