How to hide files that have their attrib A NOT set

I can easily hide files that have their attrib A set using the command Set HIDEFILTERATTR a. That works like a charm. But how do I hide files that have their attrib A not set?


Ugh... Umm... Okay. Now I feel dumb :flushed:

I was so occupied by trying to explicitly hide them that I forgot that explicitly showing something implicitly hides everything else that doesn't qualify as such.


By the way, is there a way to hide/show only files that have their status icons set (or unset)?

You can use Tools > Find Files > Advanced to find things by label, which includes status icons.

If you aren't using other types of labels then * and use wildcards will find you everything with a status icon.

Otherwise, you'd need to construct a wildcard which matches just your status-icon labels, e.g. (checked|completed|...etc...)

I see. That would work but toggling the visibility would be a bit tricky. I guess I'll just stick with attribs. Thanks anyway.