How to import Icons?

Can't seem to find a way to import icons, how do I do it?

I went to settings>preferences>Display>Toolbars and nothing. There is no way to import them. I want to make my own statuses and can't figure out how to use an icon!

Preferences > Display > Toolbars* is for toolbar Icon Sets, but entirely optional as well. Toolbar buttons can point to individual icons directly as well. (It's more efficient to use a set if there are a lot of icons, and more convenient if you want to replace all the toolbar icons at once.)

(*Preferences / Toolbars / Icons if using Opus Pro, where the preferences categories are slightly different.)

For status icons, icon sets aren't used. (They would usually not have the right icon sizes so you wouldn't normally want to use them.) Instead, you just need to select the thing you want to change and click the Status Icon: Browse button, which then lets you select any icon from standard .ico, .exe, .dll, .icl etc. files.