How to increase the history of the taskbar when opening a file?

Like this problem, I don't know if it has been solved? Or is there any function to solve it?

Opus calls SHAddToRecentDocs on files that are double-clicked these days.

How well it works is ultimately up to the operating system, and Microsoft seem to be abandoning the jumplist concept in general.

OK, thanks. I added a menu to the right-click of the system, the command is start %1, it will pop up the default open program, and then press Enter to open it with this program, although it is a bit troublesome.

Not sure I understand what you're aiming to do there, but the Opus FileType command may be what you're looking for if you want to launch a file the way the Start command would.

I tried it, and I don't know why the interface they pop up is a little different. Figure 2 can directly enter.