How to index folders?

Win 10 has index options and IE is a default. I'd like to add DOPUS and Firefox to speed up search. How To do this?

I'm not sure what you mean, sorry.

Which search UI are you using? The one in the start menu, or something else? What's the connection between Opus, Firefox, Internet Explorer and indexing?

  1. Double click desktop to open new lister.
  2. Search
  3. "The location you are scanning is not indexed..."

I'm trying to find the "thunderbird.exe" and searching the entire Hard Drive.

Control Panel> Indexing Options
Internet Explorer History
Program Files

I dent EVER want to use File Explorer, I want all searches from DOPUS Lister.

Control Panel > Indexing Options is where you set up which folders are indexed by Windows Search.

The "allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" attribute in the Properties dialogs for folders also plays a part, but isn't relevant if you are just doing a filename search.

(None of this is specific to Opus.)

Note that Opus can search in two ways:

  1. The search field at the top-right uses Windows Search (which uses the same index that Windows Search uses in File Explorer etc.).

  2. The Tools > Find Files panel uses Opus's own functionality (which does not use an index).


is there any way to force Opus to index folders? I'd be fine using an external program to help it work.
I notice that if I do a system-wide search and then right after that I do another search, the second search is a lot faster. Where is the data "saved" that makes this second search so much faster? Could I somehow save that data and make Opus re-use it later? (I'm guessing the data is in RAM?)

What I'd really like a "manual only" indexing option. Meaning I click some button and all HD's are indexed, but this indexing never runs automatically -- I must click the button to re-index.

Are we talking about Tools > Find Files (Opus's internal search functionality), or the Search field at the top-right (Windows Search)?

The internal functionality does not use an index (but can benefit from caching; see below).

Windows Search uses its index, including when used via Opus, and you can control it via Control Panel as mentioned above. I don't know if there is a way to tell it to update its index only on demand, but if there is then it'd be the same for Opus and Explorer. Opus just passes the query to Windows Search and reports the results that come back.

That may just be because the operating system is caching things like directory listings in memory. That happens automatically.