How to invoke the Copy-> Copy Filenames menu from shortcut


I am trying to create a keyboard shortcut to invoke the menu command Edit-> Copy Filenames but I am unsure of the correct command to use within the customize keys section. i.e. I want to be able to copy the currently selected file(s) names or pathnames.

Would anybody be able to point me in the correct direction?



Edit the menu items from Customize mode to see what commands they run...

You can also assign a hotkey to a menu item directly, in the same way that you edit them (in Customize mode) to see which commands they run.

Sorry I wasn't clear in my initial posting and I think I've solved the problem. It wasn't how to assign a command to a keyboard shortcut it was the commands to copy the selected filename(s) to the clipboard.

It is one of these (depending on my needs at the time):

Clipboard COPYNAMES=unc
Clipboard COPYNAMES=path



Steve was saying that you can find the command used by any menu item by editing the menu item.

I was saying that you can assign a hotkey to an menu item (to avoid creating a new standalone hotkey and copying the command to it).

Looks like you've found the commands anyway though, so all's well. :slight_smile:

BTW, this FAQ may be of interest: HOW TO: Copy selected filenames to the clipboard

Ah thanks Leo for the clarification (and thanks Steve), it seems I wasn't paying attention :blush:

I'm now working my way through your suggestion of the menu item and I'm nearly there.

There really is so much functionality within Directory Opus!


I'm trying to add a contextual menu item for Copy pathnames. I've looked at the forum messages and the 'HOW TO: Copy selected filenames to the clipboard' document but I think there is something missing. I get the error message: Application not found. If the selected object is a filename (including exe's) I get a dialog asking which application should open the exe file.

I've created my contexual menu as follows:

Settings> File types> All Files and Folders >Edit > Context Menu

Name: Copy PathNames(s)
Application: clipboard COPYNAMES
Type: Run as application

I also tried 'DDE Command' but same problem

I think something has changed since the HOW-TO was written as there is no Type 'Run as OPus function'

Any suggestions?


Run an Opus function (not supported in Explorer) is the third option in the Type drop-down.

Thanks Jon. I've now worked out where I went wrong. I was confused by the similarity of 'Run an application (supported in Opus and Explorer)' and 'Run an Opus function (not supported in Explorer)'. Not really similar now that I know what to look for. :frowning: Also, once created, the edit feature does not allow the Type to be changed from 'Run an application (supported in Opus and Explorer)' to 'Run an Opus function (not supported in Explorer)'. It has only two options.

I will propose the following change to Greg and Jonathon.

Change Type options to:
DDE command
Opus function (Opus only support)
Sub-menu (Opus only support)

I think these are not only simpler and clearer but also equivalent to the current options:

Run an application (supported in Opus and Explorer)
DDE command (Supported in Opus and Explorer)
Run an Opus function (not supported in Explorer)
Sub-menu (not supported in Explorer)