How to Load Opus & Layout by Voice using Dragon Command

Leo, how many times did I ask you about loading Opus and its Layout. Many!

How to Create Voice Command that loads Directory Opus and the Layout. This is accomplished with the help of Nuance Dragon. And if you're at that time in life with the shakes, you're probably already using Dragon.

Open Opus with a select Layout - The Layout is saved to the DeskTop
Place Layout called "Bob", and name, on DeskTop. Now, this Dragon Command will work. If you are using voice commands Nuance Dragon works for me.

Sub Main
AppBringUp "C:\Users\ameri\OneDrive\Desktop\Layout 'Bob'.dcf"
End Sub

Now to create DeskTop Layout for Opus.

  1. In Directory Opus (Go into Preferences-Layouts and Styles-Layouts)
  2. Select the directory called "Layout".
  3. You will now have access to all your Layouts. ( I have wrongly been calling them "Listers").
  4. Select the Layout you want on the DeskTop.
  5. Once you highlight Layout, select the bent arrow that's at the top of the page.
  6. Now that you have selected the bent arrow your "Layout" is now on your desktop.

Code to use in Dragon Commands
Sub Main
AppBringUp "C:\Users\ameri\OneDrive\Desktop\Layout 'Bob'.dcf"
End Sub

Why have I spent so much time on this issue? And so many of you have helped, thanks again. I thought I should share a little bit about the process I'm trying to develop. I will be creating a Topic about this and why the Layout way so critical to my system. I use 5 keywords to take me anywhere I need to go in Windows Onenote. Why better than using Tags. if I say "HotKey Excel" I'll be looking right at the page of Hotkeysa for Excel faster than you can say, Jackie Robinson, that's a fact.

I was hoping to create a command that would load Opus right to the Layout but after all these years I don't think that is going to happen. Oh well, at least I'm up and running. Thanks for all the help.

Thanks for all your help
PS Opus, You Made My Day.

It looks like the one you have is launching the layout already. (Assuming Dragon's AppBringUp is like a double-click on the file.)

Which part isn't working?

I'm sorry. It is Complete. It is working. The topic was to help others that use voice control. What should I edit so people understand?

Thanks again for all the time you spent on this issue and so many others, going back to 2011. It was a LOT of your time!

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