How to make icon larger?

I made a win10 compatible ".ico" file.
when it's selected, DOUPUS largest size is still to small.
What is a better way to make an icon larger?
the pink icon is from an app ".exe"
my custom icon is from ".ico"

On toolbars, or somewhere else?

it's in a dropdown menu in a lister

Icons (i.e. .ico / .exe / .dll images) used on toolbar buttons will use the system-wide large or small icon size (depending on the small/large checkbox in the button editor).

If you want them to be larger than the large size, you'll need to store the images in a different format (e.g. PNG).

You'll also want to turn off Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Scale Toolbar button images when larger than standard size to prevent PNG images being reduced to the standard size.

If you have a lot of external toolbar images of any type, turning them into an Icon Set can speed up startup time, assuming the images are always in use.

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