How to make synced Folders use original modified date


I am testing directory opus.
I have a folder I want to have a exact mirror on my laptop.

There is an issue with folder "modified date"
It always changes to today.

I know I can change the folder date manually by going to properties button at the top. Then using change time section of properties dialog box.
But hate the idea having to match this for each folder in the sync

Is there any options or tricks I can do to Auto enable this for folders that are copied to my destination Lister


File dates are preserved by sync. Folder dates aren't, but nothing should depend on folder dates as they are not very meaningful or reliable.

(When using copy/move instead of sync, folder dates are preserved, but only when folders are created by the copy/move.)

More discussion here, as well as several methods to copy folder dates all at once if you really need them:

Hi leo thanks for reply

I am happy to use copy method.

With respects to skipping identical files.
What does Directory Opus look for with respect to differences?

Is there a shortcut key to skip all identical?
As when I hit skip identical. It has another one straight after! And Cannot press unattended operation check box in time.

Is there a way to launch a copy dialog that auto skips identical files.. ?

Does Directory Opus have a plugin or add-on for backup
Or does gpsoft have a backup software?

I think it would be a good idea.

When I use directory opus sync. It is very slow to scan files! Compared to backup suites..

Eg. Directory opus to scan files to see what's different and ready to click sync.
Takes 14minutes

Syncbackpro takes just 2 minutes!

Push F1 while the Replace File dialog is showing and it will open the manual for it. Here's the part which answers those questions:

The subsequent file must not be considered 'identical' (i.e. same size and modified date).

Or the prompt may be asking you if you want to overwrite a read-only file, which will also cause a similar dialog to appear.

Using Copy UPDATEALL is probably what you want:

Update files in the destination folder (a simple form of one-way synchronization). Only files that either do not exist in the destination, or do exist but are different from the source files, will be copied - other files will be skipped. A file is defined as different if either its timestamp or size has changed - the contents of the file are not compared.

In the default toolbars, you can access it via the menu attached to the Copy Files button, near the top left.

You should find Copy UPDATEALL fast. The Synchronize Panel is slower since it has to collate everything into an interactive list.

You'll also find whichever program you do things in first a bit faster, due to filesystem caching, although that wouldn't account for such a large difference.

I wouldn't recommend using the interactive Synchronize Panel on huge folders (e.g. 10,000+ files) as it's not optimized around that kind of task, but Copy UPDATEALL is fine with that kind of thing.

Interactive sync performance with huge folders is something we might improve in the future, although to be honest we ourselves tend to use dedicated tools like Beyond Compare (or WinMerge if you want a free option) for doing large, complicated, interactive sync jobs. You can integrate them well into Opus so you just click a button in Opus and they open comparing the left and right folders.

Wow thanks for the tips. Leo..

The blender projects folder is 180k files strong .

Thanks again. I will use update.. didn't even know that existed..

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