How to move converted files to folders of the originals

I have a tool that does a specific job on converting files. One drawback: all converted files end up in 1 'output'-folder whereas the original files in many different folders. The filenames are the same, the extensions are different. Regretfully there is no way to adjust this behaviour.

Hence the converted files should be moved manually to the folder where the originals are residing.
This is no problem in case of a limited number, but in case of many files...

I have really no idea whether or how this can be solved.

Hopefully someone has a suggestion...


This may help:

Thank you very much indeed! Actually I assumed this could not be done..
Will try that out.
Again, thanks!

You know (or can derive) all folders, filenames, and extensions you need for a simple Copy MOVE command.!Documents/Copy.htm!Documents/Codes_for_passing_paths.htm!Documents/Codes_for_passing_filenames.htm

Not sure .. to give an idea, this is the scenario.

  1. files are in various sub sub folders
  2. using 'show files only' I select all the files, move them to a separate folder
  3. have the conversion take place
  4. now the converted files from this folder should move over to the sub folders to be placed along with the source folder

Regretfully the conversion tool (Abbyy FineReader) can not batch handle files in sub folders.
Only convert files one-by-one and place them in the respective folder.
In case of batch, i.e. converting a lot of files, then all files should be in the same folder and output is in that folder as well.

I am afraid there is no solution of this scenario: too complex.

The Fetch command I gave you should handle that situation perfectly, assuming the converted files have the same name (aside from the extension, which can be different).

Wow! Super, it works now.

Thank you very much indeed!

Initially I couldn't get it working - reason for my 2nd post.
However, that was because I omitted to select the 'destination' files, which I now did.
Yes... you are right... it was stated in the instructions. Ahum..

It is a real miracle.

Again, many thanks.

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