How to move files to a new folder

Hi! I recently moved to directory Opus from OS X, I've been able to replicate quite a few of the workflows I use, but one I can't figure out is moving files to a new folder. On mac you can select files and click a button to move them to a new folder, which is then highlighted so you can rename it. Is this possible in Directory Opus?

I'd like to be able to set the folder name but really if it's auto-generated that's ok, I can rename it later. My current process is to find the files I want, then create a new folder, which moves the focus to the new folder. Then I have to find the files again, then scroll down the folder tree to find the new folder, and finally move the files over.

Yes it's possible, simply create a new button which has Copy MOVE HERE CREATEFOLDER

Attached is an example button you can put into your Opus' toolbar.

Move into new Folder.dcf (547 Bytes)

Once added, you can edit its script code to customize it to your needs in detail (or you can just rename it or change its icon etc.)

It will enable itself when any files are selected, and when you click it, it will ask for a folder name and then create it and move the selected files into it.

I myself have placed it into an existing New Folder menu like so:

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Hi! Thank you for your response! Unfortunately i'm not quite following how to do this, a lot of the options in the page you linked are not showing up for me. When I go to Settings > Customize Toolbars I can't see a way to add a new button or edit an existing one (if I right click a button, nothing happens). My customize dialogue also doesn't have a 'commands' option which is mentioned on the help page. Any ideas?

Toolbar editing in Light is cut down compared to in the Pro version. The default toolbars cannot be edited, but you can make your own (initially blank) toolbar and add new buttons to it.

New toolbars can be made on the Customize dialog's Toolbars tab.

ah ok, thank you!!