How to open file as archive?


How to open file so as DO treats it as an archive (like Ctrl+PgDown in TotalCommander)?


I think Opus recognises archive files by extension. You can add extensions under Preferences / Zip Files / Settings. e.g. My extensions list is jar,pak,pk4 (zip is in there automatically).

Then you can just double-click the files to enter them.

If you want double-click to do something else (e.g. open a different program) but default and only want to open archives in Opus occasionally, there are ways to do that. If that's the case do you want a toolbar button, context menu or something else like shift-double-click?

Sometimes I get downloaded files files with improper extensions of self-extracting archives. I would like to peek into them without renaming or running self-extractor.
I would like to open such files with ctrl-middleclick (or some button if that's impossible).


I don't think you can enter them without renaming them. You could make a button which renames them to *.zip on left click and renames them back on right click, I guess.

I have a similar problem. More specifically, I would like to go into a jar archive in the same way as I go into a zip file. When I double-click a zip file, I enter the archive like a directory, but if it's called .jar it will try to execute the file.

What is the point of having .jar listed in the file extensions for Zip Files/Settings if I have to rename it to .zip to do anything with it?

Is it possible to configure DOpus so I enter the jar-archive on double-click, and have a right-click option to execute the jar?

Yes, edit filetype dblclk action and set it to "go".

It works perfectly. Thanks!