How to pass multi line commands correctly via DopusRT

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I have this simple logic bound to F11 within Opus, it works fine. I want to trigger it via DopusRT using Autohotkey or just manually in Terminal .

I am first just trying to get it to work in terminal then I can figure it out in Autohotkey. In terminal I have tried

  • the backtick character to seperate argumets into new lines
  • ; character in between arguments on the same line

None of them has worked so far, Sometimes I will hear the windows error sound but thats it.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.

DOpusRT can only run single-line commands.

You can put the full command into a User Command and then run that via DOpusRT from outside of Opus.

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that worked wonders and ever better I discovered User defined commands, reading it from the manual it sounds really promising.
Thanks mate!

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In the future, I will use AutoHotkey to write some scripts. It seems a bit cumbersome to define all in User commands, is it possible to use ; as separator? Otherwise maybe send a message to DOpus?
Passing command multiple times to DOpusrt doesn't seem good.

Easier to write the script in Opus, if you want the script to control Opus.

DOpus's popup menu doesn't yet have a dark mode, no icons, etc. that stop me. . .

If that’s what makes you decide whether to do things the easy way or the hard way, I think you’re prioritising the wrong thing. :slight_smile:

Some menus in Opus can already be dark (any we render ourselves instead of Windows doing it), with the rest in the future.