How to pass multi line commands correctly via DopusRT

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I have this simple logic bound to F11 within Opus, it works fine. I want to trigger it via DopusRT using Autohotkey or just manually in Terminal .

I am first just trying to get it to work in terminal then I can figure it out in Autohotkey. In terminal I have tried

  • the backtick character to seperate argumets into new lines
  • ; character in between arguments on the same line

None of them has worked so far, Sometimes I will hear the windows error sound but thats it.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.

DOpusRT can only run single-line commands.

You can put the full command into a User Command and then run that via DOpusRT from outside of Opus.

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that worked wonders and ever better I discovered User defined commands, reading it from the manual it sounds really promising.
Thanks mate!

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