How to properly use the new "Go PATH CURDIR" command?

If i use this command with a drive letter, like Go PATH K: CURDIR, or other drives,
it always goes to the root of that drive instead the last used folder, unless i overlooked something.
So, how is the correct usage?

Seems to work okay for me.

Note that the current dir is remembered per file display (or maybe per-window, not sure off the top of my head). Also, it won't affect old/normal buttons that go to K:\ explicitly (e.g. old Drive Buttons commands that haven't had CURDIR added to them will still always take you to the root of the drives).

Good, then i´ll have to further look into it, maybe i will find it out.

Yes, i still use the "old" drive bars (they are rather there for the info of available drives, but since i use mostly the keyboard, i access the drives by shortcuts).
However, testing it directly from the command line always opens the root of the drive for me. I also tested it with an empty new tab, same result. Anyway,
the new beta has tons of interesting new stuff. :thumbsup: