How to Put favorite label and status icons in the top toolbar

The label status icons are extremely handy for project management. I LOVE this feature. I also ordered a basic pack of 1500 icons from Axialis. Now I would like to put some of my favorite icon status labels in the toolbar, which would be much easier to access. Thank you, in advance, for any tips on how to do this. (Yes, I did do some reading in help section, but it was very technical. Thank you for any assistance with this.

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Creating a button on the toolbar which runs this command will give you a menu of all Status icons (i.e. labels in the Status category) which can be toggled, and will also turn on the Status column when you click any of them:


(That's more or less the same thing that generates the list in places like the menu attached to the Properties button on the default toolbars.)

If you want the icons directly on the toolbar, not inside a submenu, remove the ="!menu" part, like so:


You can change the LABELCATEGORY="Status" to be something else like LABELCATEGORY="My Favorites" if you want to use a custom category, and put just your favorite items into it, while keeping others in the normal Status category.

Labels/icons and Categories are set up under Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels.

You can also make individual buttons for toggling individual status icons, if you prefer to manage them that way. This will toggle the "Checked" status icon:


If you don't want to turn the Status column on when using the buttons, you can keep just the first lines of each example:


(See here for how to add commands to toolbars, if needed.)

(My post above has been edited to include some new information, specifically about putting icons directly on the toolbar instead of in a sub-menu. Mentioning here in case it had already been read and the new info would be missed otherwise.)

Hi Leo,
This is complicated. I created a button and then went to edit and tried pasting in this code you provided
Set COLUMNSADD=Status(!1+Name) --but nothing happens. I tried to paste it in advanced. . . . Oh, wait! I just went to check and it does work--magic happened, thanks to your code. This computer has the default status labels and I'll try it on the upstairs computer with the other icons. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Leo,
I ran into problems when I tried to create a button on my windows 8 upstairs. On this downstairs computer, it worked. It looks like you took out the link for how to create buttons as I was going to look and see what I was doing wrong. I also am not able to do it on my windows 10 computer. The computer I was successful with is a windows 7.
Okay--what I did upstairs is go into customize toolbars and then new and create button--then go back up to toolbar and click but nothing happens--the right click just shows customize toolbars-so it's a loop, getting nowhere. I'll keep searching on this site for the link you had.

Hi Leo,
Thank you very much for your instruction. I have a further question,
I like your idea of customizing a few favorite icon status labels and leaving the rest in the new drop down menu. You said in this thread that it can be done under preferences/Favorites and Recents/Labels, but I don't see how to do it there. Could you please give me more information. Thank you very much.


Note, please disregard my 11:59 post. I didn't know that got submitted. It was my confusion period when I got stuck creating a button. What I was doing wrong was I didn't realize that customize toolbars needs to be pulled down and stay open in order to activate the function (that is to create and edit a new button). Instead i would pull it down, ask it to create a new button, then press okay and it would close and then look at the toolbar for the button and when I right clicked, it went back to customize toolbars. . .. Anyway--a beginner's issue. I pulled the how make buttons link from my history [How to use buttons and scripts from this forum)

The link to those instructions is still there at the end of my earlier post (bottom of this one).

If you want just a small number of individual items at the top level, you can either:

  • Create individual buttons/commands for each label (like the last example code in my button above)


  • Keep using a single command that automatically creates buttons for all the labels within a category, and create your own category. To create a category, select or create a label under Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels and type the name of the category you want into the Category field on the right. Do the same for other labels. Use the same category with the commands above. e.g. Instead of LABELCATEGORY="Status" use LABELCATEGORY="My Category"

Hi Leo,
I will fiddle with that and get back if there are any problems. I hadn't realized that we could write in our own category on that line (when it says uncategorized). Thank you for your help.


Man, that was what I was looking for! Working with status icons (like in MacOS) really is very cool, so I was looking a way to create a toolbar (didn't know I can do it in Light version) for that. Many many many thanks to you!