How to put the tabsheet on top of the directory tree?

I don't understand the reason for not creating this functionality, it's not something complex and it will make the system very good

Are you going to write the code that does it. How can you possibly know whether or nor it's complex/difficult to do?

I don't even understand what you want, but you seem to be the only person that has the slightest interest in the subject.

Could that possibly be the reason for not creating this functionality? Just guessing.



What I'm asking for is in "Windows Explorer" in Windows 11

I see that the area where the tab is located would be much larger if it occupied the top part of the folders.

I don't see that much difficulty in creating this, because I'm also a Programmer and working with component layout I don't see as something that complex.

Well, for my part, I have my wife who would really like that and then there would be some licenses from my family.

It doesn't fit the model. In a dual file display Lister each file display has its own set of tabs, so it only makes sense if they're attached to the file display rather than the whole window.



I don't understand why it's so difficult to create this

Windows Explorer 11 has this and I see that it would be useful to increase the space of the tabs for those who use horizontal.

I would buy 3 more licenses for my family.

IMHO, Jon provided a pretty clear explanation for why the suggested feature request doesn't align with their model. That may be unfortunate for you but I don't think a '3 more licenses' argument will slightly change that.

Not a word was written about it being too difficult to develop. Seen the great program the have created I'm pretty sure the DOpus devs could develop it relatively quickly if they saw fit.

Maybe this great classic song can help :notes::

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