How to Readauto a created Docx file

This Command has created a Blank Docx file

FileType NEW=.docx

I want to add some arguments Like Readauto, to Open that file with MS word, How to do that?

FileType NEW puts the name of the newly created file in a variable called newfile, so you can have it open automatically with the following function:

FileType NEW=.docx

Thanks jon for helping me. But your Code does not open newly created file automatically. It's Need a Extra LMB or Enter from keyboard, is there any way to avoid the Extra click or Enter?
If name is the problem to open automatically newly created file, Then Is there any way to Decliner the newly created files Name like "my doc file" in the button code, Then after Click the button a Blank Docx file will be created with the "my doc file" Name and open with MS word.

If you don't want to be able to edit the new name you can change it to e.g.

FileType NEW=.docx NEWNAME="norename:my doc file"
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Thanks Jon, This Code is works fine for me.