How to recover settings in this scenario?

I have a full backup of my AppData, ProgramData and My Documents folders and I usually just copy all those folders back to C: after a windows clean install, but this time I decided to copy what I need on-demand as to not fill up the partition too fast like I usually do. Well, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to copy over the Directory Opus folders before installing DO, and now I can't get my customized views to show up even after replacing the folders with my own. Must I reinstall windows one more time to fix this?

Use File > Exit Directory Opus to completely shut Opus down, then copy the folders over using File Explorer. It should work then.

Copying the files while Opus is running will work with some things but not others, since some get loaded into memory as soon as Opus starts.

I already tried that. I even tried uninstalling DO and restarting, then copying over the folders, then reinstalling and the result is the same, my extensive customizations are gone. It appears I do not have windows restore either. Is there anything else I can do

I have 3 folders named Directory Opus, one goes to programdata, one to appdata/roaming, one to appdata/local. Am I missing something

All the good stuff sits in

%appdata%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus

As long as you have this, you should be ok.

I see, I am missing the GPSoftware dir in between. Thank you