How to recreate thumbs.db

Under Control Panel/Folder Options/View Tab


But no thumbs.db are showing up in all my folders containing images.

For what it's worth in DO Lister/thumbnail-settings are as per below

But I am not sure whether that has anything to do with it.

How can I re-create thumbs.db

I scrolled a number of times through the folders with all the images. No thumbs.db files are created.

Any suggestions ?

Oh: when I do a find thumbs.db there are quite some visible in some other folders, but not the ones where all my images are stored.


Thumbs.db has no connection to Opus; it's something Explorer creates.

Opus's thumbnail cache is stored in /dopuslocaldata\Thumbnail Cache

Many thanks!

Based on yr advice..

My solution:
Windows Explorer (ahum)
take rootfolder in left window panel showing all the image ers in right window panel
ctrl-A all folders
then click thumbnail view in the buttonbar.

Just 'recreated' thumbs.db for my image folders (534) only some 5.5MB.

Thumbnail Cache currently is about 745MB.

Have doubled cache settings a little bit, guess that is all I can do to improve the speed of viewing.

thanks again!

By the way, I have been scrolling to a number of these images folders
and the Thumbnail Cache increased as below

After a fresh install (or restore of an image) of Windows, the cache is gone.

Is there no way to store that under a Directory Opus-folder?
Just asking...


You could backup the cache if you really wanted to. It's just a folder with no extra info anywhere like the registry.

It's not included in the normal Opus configuration backup because it's a) huge, b) usually machine-specific, c) something that can be re-created.