How to reinstall dopus on same computer with same settings

Hello ,

Essential something went awry with my Windows 8.1 OS , so i reinstalled Windows on
another drive. Now what was my C drive with Dopus , is my D drive. I have access to all my Dopus Files and the original installer. How do i reinstall Dopus on the new C harddrive and configure it with my previous Dopus Profile, bookmarks, and Collections...

Im sorry to say im still using! but I love DOpus!

Install fresh Opus, quit (and kill dopus tasks) and then copy everything related to Opus (from Program Files and from users directory) from old drive to new one.

Don't kill the Opus tasks. There is never any need to kill them under normal circumstances, and doing so can corrupt your configuration. (Not a problem if you're about to replace it, but it's still a bad habit and unnecessary.)

Instead, fully exiting Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus).

That will stop dopus.exe cleanly. (It doesn't matter if dopusrt.exe stays running so don't worry about that one.)

Then, copy the configuration folders (using Explorer) from the old drive to the new drive, and re-launch Opus.

Details on where to find the configuration folders are in this FAQ, under Locating the config files by hand:

The Before copying config files by hand section in the same FAQ also expands on the reasons for exiting Opus first and how to do it.

And what about license? Do Opus remember PC after windows clean reinstall? If I use 1 of the 5 corporate licenses and have no backup, what steps do I need to install certificate again? How to avoid Opus to think it's a new PC?

You should not run into any problems there, just use the certificate you have. (If you need to re-obtain it, you can use our website.)