How to remove "Extract with Express Zip" right-click option

I have "completely" removed "Express Zip" by NCH from the host PC with Revo Uninstaller Pro. Nevertheless, when right-clicking a *.zip file when in Directory Opus, the menu offers "Extract with Express Zip" as an option. Clicking the option brings up a information dialog box, which states, "An install-on-demand component is required for this operation." and the options to Continue (default) or Cancel. I do not want to inadvertently install this software and therefore want the option removed.

How may I remove that option?


It depends on exactly how it was added.

Is the option still shown in Windows Explorer as well? This probably isn't specific to Opus.

It might be wroth a try to reinstall Express Zip and then uninstall it with its own installer instead of Revo. Or see if it offers an option to remove its context menu from within the program.

I do not know how Express Zip was added.

I checked, and the option is NOT shown by Windows Explorer. With Directory Opus available, I do not use Windows Explorer (ever?), so I don't know if that option was ever shown with Explorer.

Revo used the Express Zip uninstaller as part of its process. It also scans for leftover registry entries and files, all of which I deleted. It also called for a reboot to do final cleanup, which I did. There was no specific option to remove Express Zip from context menus.

It's not a big thing. I just like to eliminate unneeded programs and potential problems.

NCH software just loves that "install on demand" routine.

I use one of their packages (ExpressScribe) and got suckered into that crap. I installed one program and now have near on 20 entries in my menu, all but one install on demand.

Revo may have been the problem. Did you just try to uninstall with the native interface?

Do you fancy trying a reinstall and looking more closely at what it offers to do for you?

The target for this one is:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Scribe\scribe.exe" -extfind ExpressZip

I suggest talking to them and making your view clear on their tactics.

Fortunately, while I have that link in my menu, I do not see it in DOpus.

NCH Software is Malware in my eyes. Their concept is that every Tool you install from them adds a bunch of shortcuts to your Start Menu offering dozens of other Tools to "Install by Demand". It also adds Context Menu entries to dozens of filetypes (Audio-, Video-, Office- and Archive-Types) offering to "Convert with Doxillion" etc. All these entries are starting an "Install by Demand" task. Be sure, they don't want to allow you to remove their Commercials from your Computer just because you want to remove one of their Tools...
You can use ShellMenuView and RegScanner from Nirsoft to identify all their entries and disable them in ShellMenuView or delete them manually with RegScanner (if you're expert enough to do this safely).

Thanks for the help, insight, and suggestions everyone. NCH software is gone from this PC. The install-on-demand is gone from Directory Opus's context menu.

I am not sure if this was logically correct but I checked what was in the NCH Software Program Files directory, found things like zipcloak and just deleted the directory in its entirety.

It's not likely that I will ever again try an NCH product.

This has made me go and look at what is happening here.

All manner of NCH garbage.

But the odd thing is that it shows in Explorer but not in DOpus.

Unfortunately, I need the one NCH package that I have bought. So removing the whole thing isn't an option. Unless I can find another sound editor that my footswitch can control.

I will, though, see how I can get rid of the surrounding garbage.