How to remove system shortcut icons from Lister Desktop tab

This is my third re-install (fried SSD and emergency drive wipe took the first two) but the first time I've noticed icons for File Collections, FTP, Libraries, my user avatar, Network, One Drive, Recycle Bin and This PC in a Lister Desktop tab. Prior to this there's never been even a Recycle Bin visible on Lister/Desktop tab.

I'm also guessing that they're all shortcuts, even though none have the familiar lower left corner curved arrow. Could it possible in this case that I merely have to delete/remove them all? Will I then smell smoke?

OK, I'm exaggerating a bit, but how'd these icons wind visible up now when they hadn't ever before, and what consequence would there be if I swept the lot of them into the Trash?

The options on the Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders page let you choose what's shown on the desktop.

That did it, kimosabe!

Many thanks!