How to remove the accelerator keys from "Undo List"

How do you remove the accelerator keys from the dynamic button "Undo List"? The similar dynamic button "Go Backlist" provides the option of using "Go Backlist=keys" to add the accelerator keys, but I can't find analogous options for "Undo List".

The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. keys for the first 10 items are always added to the menu. There's no way to prevent it.

Thanks, Leo. Perhaps such an option could be made available in a future update.

Do they cause some sort of problem?

Jon, it's hardly an earth-shattering issue. I put the two dynamic buttons "Undo List" and "Go Backlist=keys" onto a single menu. When using it afterwards, I realised that this was dangerous, because you could easily confuse the situation and press a number that would undo some editing command, when all you intended to do was to go back a directory. That's why I wanted to remove the accelerator keys from the more sensitive "Undo List" dynamic button and use the arrow keys there instead. Then scratching around in the help file, I realised that there was an inconsistency in the way the two dynamic buttons had been set up.