How to reset the shortcut?

If i try to remove a key combination i always end up with the "backspace" key, which i tried to use to remove all previous combinations. Isn't there a decent way to remove the old combinations, without having to completely delete the old command?

Use the menu, shown here: Using the Hotkey Control

Ok, thanks. So i just have to type the new combination. I was searching for some menu command to remove them all.

No need to type anything to remove a hotkey from a command. Just click to open the menu, then click the Remove option (shown in the page I linked).

If a command has multiple hotkeys, there will also be a Remove All option in the same menu.

Ok, then i understand why i couldn't find it. Because it's missing in the menu of the german version.

Is that the whole menu? The bottom of the screenshot seems to be chopped off.

It will also be different when editing a standalone hotkey (rather than a toolbar/menu item with an optional hotkey), since you obviously cannot remove all hotkeys from a hotkey.

If you want to replace a hotkey, just type the new one over it. If you don't want the standalone hotkey anymore, disable or delete it via the main list.

Yes, that was the whole menu. I just painted over the background image.