How to run a simple cmd command with admin rights?

I have added a button as following:


How can I ask Opus to run this line with admin privileges?

thank you

Put @admin: in front of the command.

Million thanks But it doesn't work.

I did some testing:
If I right click and run cmd as admin the following line locks my drive:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\manage-bde.exe -Lock H:

But when I click the following button, nothing happens. The drive is unlocked.


Is there any other way to run a command as admin?

I didn't notice you had it set as an MS-DOS Batch Function. If you change the type to Standard Function does the @admin work?

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I have 5 licenses of Opus. On one PC it works on two other it doesn't.
I will check the settings to find out what can be different.

thanks again for your support.