How to search for tags?

I would like to use a command, that lets me specify a tag & search in the current directory,
including all subdirs. Also, would it be possible to give multiple search word, separated
by a blank? I want to search inside my images collection (photography). The results should
be displayed in the opposite window in a collection (because the hits would in most cases
from different directories).

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Hi. This is something i would like to be able to also. Lets hope that there is a capability within DOpus to achieve this. I know that XYPlorer has capability to search for files based upon tags.

If it's just a one-off search, the best way is probably to use the Find panel:

Alternatively, if the tags are on filetypes which Windows Search understands (and possibly requiring the folder to be indexed; not sure), then you can type things like tags:banana into the search field at the top-right of the window.

You could also set up a button to run the Windows Search method an prompt you for the tags, although it would only save you from typing "tags:" really: find query tags:"{dlgstring|Enter tag to search for}"

Thanks Leo, this is what i was searching for. I rarely use the search panel, because it´s a bit slow for me with all the
path settings. Now i´ve set up a hotkey, it works very nicely. :sunglasses: