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How to see files of Samsung phone in DOpus?

Your phone should show up here:


My folder tree is a mixture of Windows and Mac paths because my Windows is on a Parallels VM.

Does your phone show up in Explorer? Do you have it set to "File transfer" mode and not just USB charging?

No, it doesn't.

It is actually in USB-Debugging mode.

The USB configuration has these modes:

  • Charge this phone
  • MTP
  • PTP
  • Audiosource
  • MIDI

From these options MTP is currently selected.

Now I have tried with a different USB cable and now the phone does show up in Windows Explorer:


Here it is in DOpus:


But when I click on it the file listing is EMPTY :unamused: (but at least there is no more error message like above):


What about in Explorer? Basically if it doesn't work in Explorer it's probably not going to work in Opus either. It sounds like whatever the problem is it's with your phone.

Now the phone has asked me for a permission which I agreed to. After that now it shows a folder structure in DOpus:


But the DCIM folder shows not the pictures which in fact ARE on my phone (in the photo app of my phone), but MULTIPLE COPIES (90!) OF A VERY FEW PICTURES!

There are even some strange pictures there I don't even remember I ever made with my Smartphone's camera!!!

Are those duplicate files and strange folders also there in Explorer?

MTP allows multiple files with the same name.


There is even a screenshot of my phone's screen when I woke up today early in the morning (there's the date and time on it). I did NOT make that screenshot!

They all have different names (20191027_130354_069.jpg, 20191027_130354_072.jpg, ...), but they all look the same).

Opus isn't putting random photos or screenshots on your phone if that's what you're asking.


How did you get this ABSURD idea?

I don't know why else you'd be telling us about the photos you've found on your phone. This is a forum for Opus tech support, not a "share what you find on your phone" group.

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Initially, I was asking whether DOPus would have any special support for smartphones. Leo gave me some good indications. But maybe this special day is not your day. Have a nice weekend!

From the book of riddles:

"To solve this mystery to the most top of this thread thou should'st hie."


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