How to set a dual horizontal lister on list view with cmd


This piece of code open dopus for synchro in dual horiz mode. The upper one is viewed in list mode, but don't know how to view also the lower one in list mode.

dopusrt /cmd Go "%%~dpa" DUALPATH=%%b
dopusrt /cmd Set VIEW=List
dopusrt /cmd Set DUAL=Horiz
dopusrt /cmd Set UTILITY=Sync,On,Horiz

There might be a way to do it with commands but it's probably easier to save a layout of what you want and then have a single-line command which goes to that layout.

(The GO command can take a layout as a parameter, so you can open a new lister using a layout but override the folders it displays. I haven't tried using this with a dual-pane layout but it should work in theory.)