How to set file color based on attr?

Hello All,

Is there a way to set the color of files based on their attributes like system files appearing in red?

Only for the System, Compressed and Encrypted attributes. Each of those have their own colours which you can set via Prefs - Display - Colors & Fonts.

If you want to make read-only or archived files a particular colour then there's no way to do that right now.

(You can also assign colours to particular file types or file extensions, as well as to particular folders.)

Actually, what I'm after is color coding read-only files, as sometimes I open files in a Hex Editor and unable to edit them (sometimes get errors without clear message) and most times I have to return to explorer to clear the attr.

So, having a visual clue will allow one to make a button that toggles the attr beforehand and saves frustration.

I think it'd be very handy, I hope GPSoft will consider such option.

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In fact it turns out to be possible (now, maybe not in 2007): define a color label, and assign it to the attribute(s) you want in "Label Assignments" with a filter. I also needed this "read-only" color, now I have it. :slightly_smiling_face: